Lectures and Workshops

I am available to speak during your event or provide workshop on topics related to psychological aspects of technology, ICT and social media design, adoption and use.
Exemplary talks, lectures and workshops I have presented, organized by area:

UX and Design
Psychology of Web Design
Culturability – Culture-specific Usability Design
Value Sensitive Design
Psychology of Robotics

Technology for SMEs
Technology Adoption in SMEs
ICT and Social Media for Small and Medium Enterprises
Electronic Human Resources Management Strategy and Tools for SMEs

Social Media
Engagement in Social Media
Psychological Aspects of Social-Media Use
Social Media for SMEs

E-learning 2.0
Psychological Aspects of Teaching and Learning in Web 2.0 Environments
Tools of E-learning 2.0
E-learning 2.0 for Psychology Students

Online Research Methods
Methodology and Tools of Online Research Methods
Ethics of Online Research Methods

Consulting, Audits, Mentoring

Think psychology meets technology when working with me, as I combine expertise and experience in both areas. I am competent professional researcher in technology acceptance, social media use, e-learning and user experience, who also has experience in consulting, training and mentoring in those areas outside of academia. My strengths are depth knowledge of human needs, emotions and behavior and their influence on interaction and engagement with technology. As a qualified Work and Organizational psychologist I also have vast knowledge and experience in providing SMEs with the best solutions whenever e-recruitment, performance appraisal or issues of technology acceptance are discussed.

I’m available to consult with organizations and agencies on various technology projects. I have experience in cooperation with professionals from diverse fields – IT, medicine, engineering, and design. I’ve been working in multinational teams, both in traditional and virtual setting.

Three characteristics describe my work best: (1) focus on both human and technology; (2) objective or, if you will, scientific analysis of problem using the most adequate quantitative or qualitative tools; (3) smart and simple way of communicating results to enable easy application of recommendations for relevant change.

Media Comments

I am also available to press and media for comments and analysis of technology and social media use influence on individuals and society, education and enterprises strategy.

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